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The Desk, a weekly digital newsletter and the bi-weekly magazine, The Risk Desk are published by Scudder Publishing Group LLC (SPG), a leading energy news and information publishing company founded in 1997. The company is staffed by veteran new reporters and analysts, editors and columnists who have covered the energy sector for decades. Previous newsletters published by SPG include Energy Metro Desk, Power Executive, Energy eBusiness, Energy Boardroom and The Bandwidth Desk.


The company also hosts two executive conferences each year in Houston: New Risk in Energy, a two-day conference (in mid-Q1) focused on energy policy and rules, compliance, trading and risk. Our second event, Weather & Price Tealeaves is a one-day event focused on weather forecasts and price trends for natural gas as we head into the Winter season. This event is in late September.


The Desk is the market's leading weekly newsletter (published 48X) on trends in energy commodity markets, policy and includes the most comprehensive coverage of natural gas storage and specifically, the EIA’s weekly storage report release. The Desk operates the continent’s biggest analyst forecast survey (40+ analysts, models and surveys contacted each week) for the EIA’s weekly storage report. The Desk publication is published Wednesday night. Published 48X per year.


Along with the weekly The Desk, subscribers also receive a companion publication called Early View. Early View is our abridged version of The Desk. Early View, released every Friday afternoon, is a short survey of analysts that looks ahead to the coming week’s EIA gas storage report. The two weekly publications, The Desk and Early View, are both published 48 times per year and are sold as a single subscription.


The Risk Desk focuses its coverage and analysis on energy trading risk management, compliance and the policy that shapes it. The Risk desk news magazine is written specifically for senior executives in the energy and investment sectors with responsibility for energy trading and risk management, policy and regulation, compliance, strategy, planning and finance, asset optimization, IT systems and corporate communications.


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